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Create Strong Passwords using Password Generator Python

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·Jan 14, 2022·

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Create Strong Passwords using Password Generator Python

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We all use secret codes to secure our accounts and information and protect them from being hacked. Strong passwords are difficult to be hacked. We will go through a program to generate completely random and strong passwords, It’s a Random password Generator using Python.

Conventions for a strong password

  • Password should contain an UpperCase Character.
  • Password should contain a LowerCase Character.
  • Password should contain a Digit.
  • Password should contain a Special Character.
  • Password should contain at least 8 Characters.
import random
import string

Details=input("Please Enter the Details for Password,such as Site and Username : ")
Length=int(input("Please Enter the password length required: "))

# Get the Characters

lcase=string.ascii_lowercase # All LowerCase Characters
ucase=string.ascii_uppercase # All UpperCase Characters 
digi=string.digits           # All Digits
symbo=string.punctuation     # All Special Characters

# Combining All

# Extracting a Random Character from Each
random_lcase=random.choice(lcase)  # Eg: a
random_ucase=random.choice(ucase)  # Eg: Z
random_digi=random.choice(digi)    # Eg: 9
random_symbo=random.choice(symbo)  # Eg: &

# Combining the random charcaters: Eg: aZ9&
# Now, We have a combination of random characters of each type 

# Get a string with characters of intended length
for x in range(Length-4):

# Rndomize the string to get the completely random and a strong password

f = open("MyFile.txt", "a")# in append mode
f.write(Details+" : "+password+"\n")
print("Details saved to MyFile.txt")
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